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Publish your products and services on The Petroleum Press to reach technicians, engineers, and executives worldwide. For only $150, you get two main benefits for putting your product or service into our database. First, your product or service will remain in our database for 3 years, constantly working for you to improve your SEO as well as making it easier for clients to find your products. In the sea of Google searches, distinguish your products through our Catalog or Directory for less than $1 per day.

It is very simple to publish your press release, products, or services with us. Simply send us a description of your product / service in under 2000 letters (please provide product / service information such as contact number, email, and web address), with the heading that you want to be displayed in under 30 letters. Once we receive the publication payment of $150, you will see your product or service on the Front Page and searchable in our catalog.

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Publishing your products or services with us can help your business reach more people. The publication / press release includes the following:


For companies that want to improve their online presence and improve their search rankings, this publishing with us can help generate more exposure for your products and services.

  • Using the information that you supplied, a new entry about your product will be added to the Front Page
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