Importance of Search Engines and Online Marketing

When you look for a product or service, what is the first thing you do? Go to Google and type in a search term and click on the first few search results.

Studies have shown that 33% of search traffic goes to the Number 1 position on Google search results. With the second position taking 18%, the third position taking 11%, the fourth position taking 8%, and the fifth position taking 6%.

Does this study match your own experience and which result you click on when you search for something on Google? If you run a business, then your customers are doing the same thing when they are trying to look for your business online.

A lot of small industrial companies have not caught up to the concept of online marketing and don’t understand the value of a professional website. And the same companies wonder why their business is not growing; meanwhile, the competition offers less powerful products at a higher price point, but they are taking majority of the market share.

So, what differs between a company that doesn’t understand online marketing and a company that spends money on marketing?

Companies who spends money on business development and marketing have an obvious presence online, taking up majority of the space on the first page of the search results. These companies surpass the industry competition, despite providing solutions that are more costly and / or have products that are less effective than another company.

When I look for an industrial product for an engineering project that I am working on, I go to Google, and if the first result match what I need for my project, I will buy it. If your business website is on the second page, or worse, the fifth page, there is very little chance I would find it.

Having a professional website with proper search engine optimization is the most important tool that an industrial business need to bring in new customers. So, what marketing company should you look for to help your business grow?

Professionalism and Conveying Quality Through Your Website

Many industrial businesses don’t correlate the importance of professionalism of the website with their own products and services. But in fact, the website is the only front-facing product that your customer sees before they make a purchase. If your website is poorly-designed, it reflects negatively on your products. If your website looks amateurish, customers are going to purchase their solution from another company who offers the same thing, but have a professional and comprehensive website.

I see industrial businesses risk their entire business on using low-quality web designers who do not know about the industry. Some businesses even risk their business on using family members and friends who “worked on their own personal website, so making a business website is easy”. These businesses end up with websites that look unprofessional and busy, with no organization to the content. As an engineer who used to purchase industrial products for engineering projects, I immediately correlate the quality of the website with the business’ products and services. So if your website is poorly-organized and look amateurish, it reflects negatively on your products and services.

Some web designers, who are not artistically inclined, tend to make websites that look busy with all sorts of horizontal and vertical lines. The website ends up looking busy and unprofessional. A business website need to look clean and professional. For industrial websites, the content needs to be easy to find. The information of your products cannot be hidden because the web designer is chasing after the current web design trend.

Choosing a bad designer will make your business website look unprofessional and negatively affects the credibility of your otherwise powerful engineered products. Choose a bad designer who do not understand the industry will break your business. A business can no longer make such a mistake when a business is defined by their presence online. Don’t risk your business on people who do not know anything about industrial SEO, sales, and marketing. Don’t risk your business on friends and family who says building a website is easy, because there is much more to your business online than just throwing a website online.

Industrial Marketing

There are different aspects to industrial marketing: 1) Website, 2) SEO, 3) Marketing, 4) Strategies, and 5) Social networking.

As discussed above, the website is one aspect of your business. And choosing a web designer is not a simple task. It is easy to make a website nowadays, but making a business website is more difficult. And more difficult, still, is making an industrial business website.

Web designers are just that, web designers. Majority of the time, web designers don’t understand the business they are working for. Without understanding of the business, it is impossible to take advantage of everything that is required to build a successful website. What ends up happening to web designers working in the industry is that the designers bash the business goals into the established web design paradigm, and the business that hired the web designer never see any growth with their company.

With the power of WordPress, web designers can make use of many features to improve the business, be it through SEO or better user experience. But because the web designers don’t understand the industry, they are not able to bridge the power of the technology and the business.

The website is a small, but integral part of your online presence, and it works in conjunction with many aspects of online marketing, and all these aspects are the bloodline of your business.

To find the right business development and marketing company for your business, get the people who used to buy industrial products to market your industrial products. But make sure, those engineers know how to properly present your product in a professional manner, as engineers are usually poor at having an artistic eye.

Many industrial marketing companies claim a 150% increase for clients. ENSEO ONE helped clients gain over 1000% in online visitors and helped clients reach #1 rank on search engines.

ENSEO ONE combines engineering expertise, industry knowledge, design experience, SEO know-how, and innovative marketing strategies to create top-of-the-line business development and marketing solution for your business.